Marino Angelicchio, Monteparte, Hutira, Morris, and Hazlett take wins at Latrobe Speedway

Marino Angelicchio, Monteparte, Hutira, Morris, and Hazlett take wins at Latrobe Speedway


By DJ Johnson

LATROBE, PA (August 19, 2023) On a night of surprises and close racing, Marino Anelicchio, Monteparte, Hutira, Morris, and Hazlett gather wins at Latrobe Speedway.

Marino Angelicchio won his first career feature at Latrobe Speedway in the Ron Compton Memorial for the K2 Engineering Crate Late Models. Angelicchio received $800 for the win and collected $1,300 for leading all 20-laps. Angellichio was the King of the Hill winner in 2022.

The front row of the Ron Compton Memorial for the K2 Engineering Crate Late Models comprised Heat race winners, Angelicchio and Ryan Frazee.

Angelicchio jumped out to the lead at the drop of the green in the 20-lap feature with Frazee in tow. Nothing would deter Angelicchio from collecting the $65 a lap from a long list of sponsors that donated $65 for each lap led in the name of Ron Compton, who drove the number 65.

Even with two caution periods, Frazee couldn’t get close enough to Angelicchio for the pass as the Greensburg driver went flag to flag for the win.

Frazee held off a hard-charging Troy Shields for second. Shields took third, Michael Duritsky was fourth, and Dan Angelicchio was fifth.

Marino Angelicchio picked up $100 for being the Quick Qualifier, and Vince Masi was the Hard-Charger.


In Joe’s Body & Towing Pure Stock, Anthony Monteparte won the $2,500 feature on Joe’s Body and Towing Night. Monteparte collected his fifth consecutive Joe’s Body & Towing Pure Stock Championship on the final points night.

Matt Weltz was on the pole with Joey Koteles alongside for the $2,500 to-win Joe’s Body & Towing Pure Stock 15-lap feature.

The 717 of Matt Weltz was definitely the car to beat in the 15-lap feature as the pack of Monteparte, Rozak, and Farris stayed close but couldn’t catch the 717.

Unfortunately, on lap 12, as Weltz was exiting Turn 1, the 717 lost traction and spun. Inheriting the lead was eventual winner Anthony Monteparte, followed closely by EJ Rozak and Corey Farris. Fourth was Greg Blystone, and Cody Behanna was fifth.

Brett Hutira scored his second straight win at Latrobe Speedway in the Wisneski Waste Removal Penn Ohio Pro Stocks.

Barry Farris was second, followed by Sam Eichelberger, fourth was Joe Kelly, and fifth was Bill Slade.

Kelly won the Heat race.

In a rough and tumble Bowers Farms RaceSaver Sprint Car feature, Fowler, Ohio’s Jim Morris collected his second win of the season at the Big-Half Mile after leading all fifteen laps.

Morris was pursued by the 88 of Greg Dobrosky with Jacob Gamola, Jarret Rosencrance, and Kasey Weaver when the caution flag flew for a car stopping in the infield but close enough to the racing surface to create a dangerous situation.

On the ensuing restart, a car in front of the pack seemed to stumble on the restart setting off a four-car melee in which two cars, the R6 of Reed Thompson and the 20M of Vivian Jones, flipped on the front stretch collecting the 29B of Robbie Bartchy and the 4W of Kasey Weaver.

While all four cars were done for the night, the 20M and the R6 suffered the most damage. Vivian Jones was treated for a knee injury, while Reed Thompson experienced some soreness in the back and shoulders.

Morris would take the checkered flag, followed by Gamola, Dobrosky, Timmy Bittner, and Jarret Rosencrance. Morris and Dobrosky won heat races.

In the Special T Metals LLC Modified 4 Cylinders, it was tough luck for the 48 of Paul Koffler III, which broke something, giving the lead on lap 6 to eventual winner Dayton Hazlett. Colton McNaney would close the gap on the leader Hazlett, but to no avail; Hazlett would win his second Special T Metals LLC feature of the year. McNaney was second, Tifani McElhouse was third, Brandon Myers fourth, and Chris Myers fifth.


RON COMPTON MEMORIAL K2 Engineering Crate Late Models 25-Laps

  1. 55-Marino Angelicchio 2. 17F-Ryan Frazee 3. 11S-Troy Shields 4. 90J-Michael Duritsky 5. 47-Dan Angelicchio 6. 11L-Jeff Ferguson 7. K2-John Over 8. 28H Braeden Dillinger 9. 15-Zach Herring 10. 2L-Dan Lepro 11. 61-Vince Masi 12. 711-Jay McCracken 12. DNF 33K-Andrew Koenig 14. DNF 58-Joe Zilisky

JOE’S BODY & TOWING NIGHT Joe’s Body & Towing Pure Stocks 15-Laps

  1. 66-Anthony Monteparte 2. 77-EJ Rozak 3. 22F Corey Farris 4. 6*29-Greg Blystone 5. 25-Cody Behanna 6. 100-Justin Ruff 7. 03-Bill Schramm 8. 06-John Cain 9. 32-Ron Ramsey 10. 717-Matt Weltz 11. 15-John Greenwalt 12. DNF 95-Pete Miller 13. DNF 79-Tyler Blystone 14. DNF 44-Bob Vandivner 15. DNF 3Z-Jim Zufall 16.DNF 55-Mason Replogle 17. 44L-Adam Large 18. DNS-Joey Koteles

WISNESKI WASTE REMOVAL Penn Ohio Pro Stocks 15-Laps

  1. 4-Brett Hutria 2. 3C-Barry Farris 3. 17-Sam Eichelberger 4. 66-Joe Kelly 5. A22-Bill Slade 6. 9-Mike DiFrancesca 7. 49-Steve Mitchell

BOWERS FARMS RaceSaver Sprint Cars 15-Laps

  1. 16-Jim Morris 2. Jacob Gamola 3. Greg Dobrosky 4. 01 -Timmy Bittner 5. 25 Jarret Rosencrance 6. 42 Jim Pattock 7. 17K Steve Kennawell 8. 3-John Jerich 9. 30-Jazlyn Boyles 10. 4B- Walt Tutak 11. DNF 20M-Vivan Jones 12. DNF R6-Reed Thompson 13. DNF 29B-Robbie Bartchy 14. DNF 4W-Kasey Weaver

SPECIAL T Metals LLC Modified 4 Cylinders 12-Laps

  1. 711-Dayton Hazlett 2. 51-Colton McNaney 3. 24-Tafani McElhouse 4. 307-Brandon Myers 5. 830-Chris Myers 6. 62-Jeremy Grubbs 7. 27-Joe Jacobs 8. 39-Brian Noel 9. DNF 48-Paul Koffler 10. DNF 2-Corey Jones 11. DNF 3-Steven Lakin 12. DNF 89-Shawn Ghrist 13. DNF 48X-Bob Clark 14. DNF 513-Andrew Jones 15. DNF 47-Mike Pavlak 16. DNF 64-John Grubbs 17. DNF 27- Joe Jacobs 18. DNS 66-Braeden Dillinger

UP NEXT: Please join us and his family as we celebrate the life of Bob Sears in a Memorial Race worth $3,000 to one lucky Joe’s Body & Towing Pure Stock Driver. There will be $100 for the Fast Qualifier and $100 for Hard Charger. We will utilize Latrobe Speedway Rules for Joe’s Body & Towing Pure Stocks, and no minimum races are required. Please check the Pure Stock rules at

Also, it is the final points night for K2 Engineering Crate Late Models and Special T Metals LLC Modified 4 Cylinder (Double Points).

Other divisions include the Wisneski Waste Removal Penn Ohio Pro Stocks and Dean Pollock Hobby Stocks.

General Admission prices; Adults: $15, Seniors: $12, Military: $12, Kids 7-11: $10, and Kids 6 and under are always free.

PIT Gate prices; Adults:$35, and Youth: $20.

PIT Gates open at 4 p.m., the Grandstands at 5 p.m., and FAST-FIVE Racing at 7.

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