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About Us

Latrobe Speedway is a family-owned and operated racing venue that runs Stadium Style Arena Cross with bike and quad racing on selected Friday Nights during the Spring and Summer racing season. We also offer select practices during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Track rentals are available for the day - at reasonable rates! ATV and ASI quad safety courses are available throughout the year. For more information on any of the services or events that we offer contact us at 724-322-0415 or 724-757-6079.

2017 Arena Cross Schedule


2017 "Friday Night Lights Series" Arena Cross Schedule 

SCHEDULE as of 5/25/2017

June 2nd Make up Race

June 9th Four Brothers Supply

June 30th PC Tire and Foam Fill

July 21st BBC Performance

July 28th  A&A Cycles rescheduled

Aug 4th 343 Graphics

Aug 18th Roost Racing

Aug 25th Hillview Motorsports

Sept. 8th  A & A Cycles


5 pm:  Gates Open

6:30 pm:  Practice

8 pm:  Racing


For Series Awards you must compete in 5 races.

We will be Scoring your best 7 Races for Placement in the Series

You must attend awards banquet to receive awards


Contact us at:

724-757-6079  - DENNIS

724-322-0415 OR 724-439-3665 - GEORGE

Visit us at Facebook -

Latrobe Speedway Motorsports OR Dennis Bates


Track is always available for track rentals

2017 Arena Cross Practice Info


Next practices: check back

You can always call before you haul:

Dennis at 724-757-6079 or George at 724-322-0415 for practice schedule,

information and track conditions: Closed 







A&A Cycles

BBC Performance

343 Graphics - Wrapz

Four Brothers Supply

Hillview Motorsports

Holeshot Imaging

Smouse Trailers

PC Tire and Foam Fill





11/21/17   SNB Promotions sends our best to all the riders and their families through the 2017 Holiday Season!!   We look forward to a great 2018 racing season. 

10/30/17  What an awesome way to cap off the 2017 season.  The 2017 Banquet was off the hook, what a great time and those trophies are you kidding me, they are huge.  Hope everyone got them transported home without damage.  We got to see a lot of great Champions get crowned over the weekend.  Great job to ALL our riders, everyone did an awesome job in 2017,  we are very excited to get the 2018 season underway.  We look forward in seeing everyone in the spring! 

9/11/17  Final Points are posted!!!   Please make sure you check your class and position within the Series.  If you have any problems or questions about Points please contact Kathy at   motomom4@verizon.net  She will help you through the issue or questions.   A huge Thank you to all the riders that supported SNB Promotions for the 2017 season.

9/8/17  Well we made it,  Last Race for the season tonight gates open at 5pm.   We had a very rough season with it raining every Friday.  But We made it through,  Hope to see everyone at the track tonight.  Also this years Banquet is October 28th at Huber Hall.  Invites will go out soon.

9/1/17   POINTS ARE UP TO DATE!!   If you have any problems with the points please contact Kathy,  motomom4@verizion.net  She will take care of any points related issues.    Last Race of the Season Next Friday 9/8/17  Round 8.   This Round is sponsored by A & A Cycles in Latrobe.   Please make sure you stop in and see Al jr and his crew at   A & A  Cycles.

8/24/17   Everything is looking awesome for tomorrow's race,  make Sure you check out the guys from Hillview Motorsports. Also we have some good specials in Bubba's Cafe. make sure you check them out. Points are up to date!!!

8/22/17   The WEATHER is finally looking great this weekend for Round 7 of the Friday Night Lights Series.   Gates open at 5pm.  This Race is sponsored by Hillview Motorsports,  Make sure you stop over an see Tom and the gang from Hillview.

8/18/17   12 noon.   Got reports from the guys working the track,  all looks good, we do have some minor standing water but we can easily handle those.   We are good to go for tonight's Round 6 of the Latrobe Speedway Friday Night Lights Series.

8/18/17   Points are up to date!   We did get some much needed rain last night.  Not sure how much at the track but I know we got plenty in Derry.   We will watch the weather close for the balance of the day, but the forecast for race time looks great.  Hope to see everyone at the track tonight for some great bar to bar racing action. Tonight is Sponsored by Roost Racing,  make sure you stop and see Randi and her crew for all you photography needs.  I am sure she will be having some awesome deals. 

8/17/17  Weather is looking good for Race time.  Track is set and ready for the rain.  We will be in good shape.  This Friday is Round 6 of the Latrobe Speedway Friday Night Light Series.  Now it's time to see who is taking home the Monster Trophy the end of October??  Make sure it's YOU!!  See you at the track! 

8/4/17   Noon UPDATE: So far so good.  The cells this morning went south of the track,  there is 1 more cell working through OHIO right now.  We are watching it close,  hope it breaks up or goes south. we will update again later today.  We are doing our best to keep everyone informed.  Hope to see you at the track.

8/4/17  So far the weather forecast is not to bad, could be worse.  We are still on schedule to run Round 5 tonight.   Sponsored by 343 Graphix.  Mark and Crissy will be on hand tonight, please make sure you stop by and see them.  Also tonight is a Tribute Race to Brad "Spike" Berkey.  Brad was taken in a very unfortunate automobile accident a few weeks ago.  His wife Jennifer will be at the race tonight with their Three Children.  We will have Brad's oldest son lead everyone on a parade lap after practice.  As always I will keep a close eye on the weather as the day goes on and will post updates.

Hope to see you at the track. 

7/27/17 As we all can see the Weather Forecast is not good for this weekend.  Rain tonight through Friday into Saturday AM.  With that being said.  I am NOT canceling right now, I will keep a very close eye on the weather, If we do end up rescheduling the event I will do it as early as possible.  I really want to make sure we offer a good series and do not want to cut races.  If this does get re-scheduled, make-up will be Sept 8th.  We will push everything back by Gates will open at 5:30,  practice at 7:30 etc..  This is only if Tomorrow's race gets canceled.

7/26/17   This Friday is Round 5 of the Series Sponsored by A & A Cycles out of Latrobe.   They have been a huge supporter of Latrobe Arenacross for many years.  If you need anything Kawasaki, make sure you stop in and see Al jr or Tony.    We have seen a bunch of great racing action so far this season.  It is going to be very interesting as the series starts to wind down.  There will be a lot of jockeying for position!!!   Gates open at 5pm This Friday. 

7/20/17  No rain at the track tonight at least not up to 9:30  weather is looking good for tomorrow night. Come join us for an awesome night of bar to bar racing from the areas best racers

7/18/17      We are scheduled to Race Round 4 this Friday 7/21/17 gates open at 5pm  This weeks Sponsor is BBC Performance Nick and his family has really missed everyone this season.  Nick will not make the race this week but he will be up for a Race mid Aug.   ALSO MAKE-UP RACE FROM JULY 8TH  WILL BE MADE UP JULY 28 (NEXT FRIDAY) We are scheduled now to run three Fridays in a row.  Not what we really want to do but mother nature has pushed us to the wire this season. 

7/5/17   We want to thank everyone that has supported Us so far this season,  we are averaging 185 entries per each event.  We have seen a ton of new faces this season, which is awesome!!  Plus our riders from years past, together you guys have made Friday Night Race a huge JOY.  WE HAVE REALLY ENJOYED OUR 2017 SEASON!  Remember MONSTER TROPHIES FOR SERIES END AWARDS PLUS A FEW SPECIAL AWARDS FROM 515 RACING 

7/5/17   Series Points and all Race results are POSTED.  Please see Kathy at the Race if you see something wrong with the points. There are still 5 Rounds of Racing left,  you can still qualify for Series end awards.  Also there is still plenty of Racing left to move up in the Points Lead.   Remember we score your best seven results to place in the Series.   Who is ready to get back at RACING.  Round 4 This Friday July 7th.  Gates open at 5pm.  We are aware of the forecast and will be watching close.  Good news,  we finally figured out the pump motor on the water wagon.  It was the coil, when it got hot it would breakdown, new coil installed and pump running good!   Hope to see everyone at the track This Friday!!