Monteparte Overcomes Adversity to Win Charlie Field Sr. Memorial at Latrobe

Monteparte Overcomes Adversity to Win Charlie Field Sr. Memorial at Latrobe


Monteparte Overcomes Adversity to Win Charlie Field Sr. Memorial at Latrobe

By DJ Johnson

LATROBE, PA (July 8, 2023) The Joe’s Auto Body & Towing Pure Stocks were the headline division on Charlie Field Sr. Memorial at Latrobe Speedway. Anthony Montepatre took the feature win from the 22nd starting position in the twenty-six car field.

Monteparte’s night didn’t start out so well. First, he had to tag the tail of the third heat due to a power steering line breaking off at the fitting when pulling to the lineup of the first heat race. In that heat race, Monteparte got caught up in an accident that damaged his left front suspension when the leader spun in front of the field even before the Joe’s Auto Body & Towing Charlie Field Memorial feature.

The twenty-six-car field of Joe’s Auto Body & Towing Pure Stocks for the Charlie Field Memorial came to the green; then the first caution came out in Turn 1 of lap 1 for the front row causing a multi-car pileup. Several cars were damaged, and several were knocked out of the race. When the race resumed, Matt Weltz took the lead and held on until two laps to go when Monteparte passed Weltz in Turn 2 with a crossover and cleared the former leader. Tyler Blystone finished third, Greg Blystone was fourth, and Joey Koteles was fifth. Six through tenth were Jeremy Fama, Ron Ramsey, Bob Torquato, and Barry Ferris, subbing for son Corey and Chuck Renner.

Heats were won by Koteles, Greg Blystone, and Bill Schramm.

Perennial frontrunner EJ Rozak was involved in a crash in his heat race which sidelined him for the remainder of the night’s action.

In a gesture of gratitude, Monteparte presented Carolyn Field, Charlie’s widow, with his feature winner trophy from the Charlie Field Memorial.

In the K2 Engineering Crate Late Models, it was the Young Guns starting upfront, with Braeden Dillinger making his first start in the 28H of Bill Holzer and Michael Duritsky on the front row. The 55 of Marino Angelicchio set fast time in hot-lap qualifying and started third. Ryan Frazee would start fourth. Frazee got around Angelicchio and Dillinger. Frazee would give chase to his brother-in-law Duritsky eventually reeling in him when the two caught up to a lapped car. Unfortunately, contact was made, and Frazee spun out, giving up his second-place position.

Dillinger got under Duritsky on the restart, and those two ran side-by-side for several laps until the caution flag waved when Frazee was making a Herculean error to make up ground from restarting in the rear. Frazee struck an infield light pole causing severe damage to the 17. Duritsky kept Dillinger at bay while Joe Zulisky reached fifth from his tenth-place starting position. Third was Angelicchio, and fourth went to Troy Shields.

Heat races went to Duritsky and Dillinger.

Next up was the Bowers Farms 305 Racesaver Sprint Car at the Big-Half Mile. Eighteen sprinters made up the field from the Allegheny Sprint Tour and the Laurel Highlands Sprint Series.

Greensburg’s Robbie Bartchy started on the pole alongside the 17S of Shane Heath. Bartchy led until his engine expired, handing the lead to Heath, which he never relinquished. Greg Dobrosky came home second. Third was Jim Morris, Jacob Gamola was fourth, and Steve Kenawell Jr. was fifth. Heat races were won by Bartchy, Jazyln Boyles, and Jim Morris.

The Special T Metals LLC Modified 4 Cylinder feature had the 513 of Andrew Jones and the 48 of Paul Koffler on the front row. A very familiar name in the Mod 4s is Colton McNaney in the 51, the “Cobalt Cowboy.” McNaney wrestled the lead away at the halfway mark and took it to the finish. Finishing behind the point leader were Koffler, Jones, and Brandon Meyers; fifth was Dale Grubbs. McNaney, Koffler, and Jones won heat races.

In the Marilungo Disposal LLC Strictly Stock 4 Cylinders, the winner was disqualified at the post-race inspection handing the win to Dylan Medrow.

Second went to Brian Noel, followed by Justin Conners, now second in points, fourth to Ronald Vasos, and fifth was the 21M of Emily Moyer.

Heat race winners were John Landa and Noel.


Joe’s Auto Body & Towing Pure Stock 15-Lap Charlie Field Memorial (26)

1. 66-Anthony Monteparte[22]; 2. 717-Matt Beltz 3. 79-Tyler Bystone; 4. 629-Greg Blystone; 5. 33K-Joey Koteles; 6. 89-Jeremy Fama; 7. 32-Ron Ramsey; 8. Bob Torguato; 9. 22F-Barry Ferris; 10. 84-Chuck Renner; 11. 44-Bob Vandivner; 12. 06-John Cain; 13. 28-Travis Blystone; 14. 15-McCade Elliott; 15. 44L-Adam Large; 16. DNF 95-Peter Miller; 17. DNF 96-Dakota Hixon; 18. DNF 969-Stephen Hazlett; 19. DNF 03-Bill Schramm; 20. DNF 18-John Hollis; 21. DNF 25- Cody Behanna; 22. DNF 49-Anthony Fama; 23. DNF 97-Mikey Peters; 24. DNF 100-Justin Ruff; 25. DNS 17-Rich Covallo; 26. DNS 77-EJ Rozak

K2 Engineering Crate Late Models Feature (11) 20-LapĀ 

1.90J-Michael Duritsky; 2. 28H-Braeden Dillinger; 3. 55-Marino Angelicchio; 4. 11-Troy Shields; 5. 58-Joe Zulisky; 6. K2-John Over;

7. 11L-Jeff Ferguson; 8. 33K-Andrew Koenig; 9. 10-Eric Asmussen;

10. 711-Jay McCracken; 12. DNF 17F-Ryan Frazee

Bowers Farms RaceSaver 305 Sprint Cars (18) 15-laps

1.17S-Shane Heath; 2. 88-Greg Dobrosky; 3. 16-Jim Morris; 4. Jacob Gamola; 5. 17K Stevie Kenawell Jr.; 6. 20M-Vivian Jones; 7. 12G Tommy Jasen; 8. R6-Reed Jasen; 9. 25-Jarrett Rosencrance; 10. 10J-Jay Fry

11. 3-John Jerich; 12. 25G Nolan Graves; 13. 26-Ryan Lynn; 14. 3J-Jacon Begenwald; 15. 30- Jazlyn Boyles; 16. DNF 48-Jeff Bacha; 17. DNF 5J-Logan Jones; 18. DNF 29B-Robbie Bartchy

Special T Metals LLC Modified 4 Cylinders (19) 12-Laps

1.51-Colton McNaney; 2. 48-Paul Koffler; 3. 513-Andrew Jones;

4. 307-Brandon Jones; 5. 66-Dale Grubbs; 6. 830-Chris Meyers;

7. 24 Matt Weltz; 8. 62- Jeremy Grubbs; 9. 47-Mike Pavlak;

10. 79-Brian Spangler; 11. 30-Dontae Boggio; 12. 64-Josh Grubbs;

13. 89-Shawn Ghrist; 14. 48X-Bob Clark; 15. DNF 24B-Jacob Mehal;

16. DNF 10-Brad Dickey; 17. DNF 2-Corey Jones; 18. DNF 27D-Joe Jacobs

19. DNS 19H-Tylar Huffman

Marilungo Disposal LLC Strictly Stock 4 Cylinders (14)

1.16-Dylan Nedrow; 2. 39-Brian Noel; 3. 21-Justin Conners;

4. 33V Ronald Voss; 5. 21M-Emily Moyer; 6. 00-Buddy Lawver;

7. 22-John Landa; 8. 707-Katlyn Spangler; 9. 13-Jimmy Love;

10. 14-Cody Brant; 11. DNF 701-Sadie Lancashire; 12. DNF 74-Mark Shaffer; 13. DNS 9-Dan Shortman; 14. DQ 26-Seth Nedrow

Next Saturday, July 15, is Fan Appreciation Night and Ron Schmucker Memorial.

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