Latrobe Speedway Results 10/7/2023 Fall Fest

Latrobe Speedway Results 10/7/2023 Fall Fest


Dan Angelicchio Wins $5,000 Rick Frazee Memorial at Latrobe Speedways Night 2 of Fall Fest

By DJ Johnson

LATROBE, PA (October 7, 2023) Night two of Fall Fest at Latrobe Speedway featured great racing and storylines.

The 2nd Annual Rick Frazee Memorial, paying $5,000 to win for the K2 Engineering Crate Late Models, was dominated by Colton Flinner in the No. 75 until it wasn’t. Flinner set Quick Time with a lap of 19.803 seconds to lead the 22-car field. He also won his heat race and led the first twenty-four laps of the 40-lap feature. However, Dan Angelicchio of Greensburg, who started in the seventh spot after going through an engine swap 24 hours before and was forced to borrow a carburetor at the track, had something to say about Flinner’s dominance with his never-give-up attitude. Angelicchio was working his way through the field as Flinner had a 2-second lead on second-place starter Ryan Frazee from the start of the 40-lap feature. Flinner and the pack started to run into lap traffic on lap 8, and Angelicchio was in the fifth spot. With a restart on lap 17, Angelicchio moved into third, then to second by lap 20.  The big move happened on lap 23 when Angelicchio, now in second place, passed Flinner down low in Turns one and two, then just flew home from that point. “I have so many people to thank,” Angelicchio said upon exiting the No. 14 Rocket XR chassis. “My dad, my brother, everyone that helped us. Last night [Friday], we changed motors; it was a late night, and everyone came out and helped me today. Joe Zulisky lent me a carburetor because ours was messing up all night. I owe him big time. It changed the whole car obviously from earlier.”  Angelicchio, with that “new” carburetor, turned his quickest lap of the race with a lap time of 20.369 on lap 31. Clinton Hersh got past the 17F of Frazee on lap 31 to stay behind Flinner until the end for third. Fourth was Frazee, and fifth went to the 14D of Braeden Dillinger.

Ryan Montgomery drove the K2 for John Over, and Mason Zeigler subbed for Joe Zulisky in the 58.

Visiting drivers included the 10A of Eric Asmussen from West Plains, Mo., the 3A of Andy Spooner from Morgantown, WV., the 36 of Colby Beighey from Taylor, MI., the 184 of Cole Petrelle of Follensbee, WV., and the 51Z of Zak Kimbrew from Grafton, WV.  

In the Wisneski Waste Removal Penn Ohio Pro Stocks, Brandon Conner in the 55C leaped to second place from the fourth starting position on the first lap behind the polesitter, Brett Hutira. It was still the Hutira, Connor, the 5M of Tony Magill, the 3C of Barry Faris, and the 77H of Heath Close at the halfway mark. 

On lap 10, Connor got around Hutira for the lead and never looked back. It was Magill, Faris, and Close rounded out the top 5.

The heat race went to Connor.

In the Joe’s Body Shop & Towing Pure Stock feature, the battle was for second after the polesitter, Anthony Monteparte, took off at the start. Greg Blystone in the 6*29 was second until lap 3 when he lost the position to Dakota Hixson in the 96. Hixson would lose second to the 22F of Corey Faris with two laps to go. Behind Hixson was Matt Weltz in the 717 and the 83 of Bob Ramsey.

Heat races went to Justin Ruff in the former Anthony Monteparte machine and Greg Blystone.

In the Steel T Metals LLC. Modified 4 Cylinders, it was a rough start to the race with several cautions. Seth Nedrow brought out the first with a flat right rear, then the 51 of Colton McNaney spun in Turn 2 and was stuck by the 89 of Shawn Ghrist, pretty much sidelining both cars for the night.

Dayton Hazlett in the 711 inherited the lead on lap two and took it to the house for the win. Following Hazlett across the finish line were Chris Meyers, Paul Koffler III, Mike Pavlak, and Brandon Meyer.

Heat race winners were Koffler and Noel.

After starting on the pole, Matt Underwood won the Dean Pollock Hobby Stock feature. Scott Casto was second, followed by Justin Connors, Jason Deter, Joe Huffman, and Bryce Hensell.

Night 2 of Fall Fest ended at 8:45 p.m., followed by a Cornhole Tournament for the race teams.



K2 Engineering Crate Late Models 2nd Annual Rick Frazee Memorial (40 Laps 22 Cars): 1. 14-Dan Angelicchio [7]; 2. 75-Colton Flinner [1]; 3. 16-Clinton Hersh [8]; 4. 14D-Braeden Dillinger [4]; 5. 17F-Ryan Frazee [2]; 6. K2-Ryan Montgomery [3]; 7. 31-Noah Brunell [19]; 8. 36-Colby Beighey [8]; 9. 184-Cole Petrelle [11]; 10. 60-Brandon Burgoon [14]; 11. 11S-Troy Shields [9]; 12. 58-Mason Ziegler [5]; 13. 51Z-Zak Kimbrew [13]; 14. 3A-Andy Spooner [21]; 15. (DNF) 14G-Zach Gunn [18]; 16. (DNF) 28H-Jeremy Shaffer [12]; 17. (DNF) 15-Zach Herring [10]; 18. (DNF) 10-Eric Asmussen [15]; 19. (DNS) 20B-Lane Brock [6]; 20. (DNS) 38-Mike Laughard [17];  

21. (DNS) 55-Marino Angelicchio [20]; 22. (DNS) 711-Jay McCracken [22]

Lap Leaders: 75-Colton Flinner 1-24; 14-Dan Angelicchio 25-40 (Fastest Lap 31 @ 20.369 Seconds)

Quickest Qualifier: 75-Colton Flinner 19.803 Seconds

Heat Race Winners: 75-Colton Flinner, 17F-Ryan Frazee, K2-Ryan Montgomery

Wisneski Waste Removal Penn Ohio Pro Stocks (15 Laps, 9 Cars): 1. 55C-Brandon Connor [4]; 2. 4-Brett Hutira [1]; 3.M5-Tony Magill [2]; 4. 3C-Barry Faris [6]; 5. 77H-Heath Close [5]; 7. 32-Ron Ramsey [8]; 8. (DNF) 49-Steve Mitchell [7]; 9. (DNS) 66-Anthony Monteparte [9]

Joe’s Body Shop & Towing Pure Stocks (12 Laps, 18 Cars): 1. 66-Anthony Monteparte [1]; 2. 22F-Corey Faris [6]; 3. 96-Dakota Hixson [4]; 4. 717-Matt Weltz [9]; 5. 83-Bob Ramsey [5]; 6. 03-Bill Schramm [8]; 7. 3Z-Jim Zufall [7]; 8. 6*29-Greg Blystone [2]; 9. 06-John Cain [13]; 10. 88K- Kevin Kolishinsky [14]; 11. 95-Pete Miller [10]; 12. (DNF) 100 Justin Ruff [3]; 13. (DNF) 81-John Hollis [11]; 14. (DNS) 33-Brad Koteles [12]; 15. (DNS) 71- Bob Torquato [15]; 16. (DNS) 25-Cody Behanna [16]; 17. (DNS) 55-Jake Petrusky [17]; 18. (DNS) 20-Joey Koteles [20]

Special T Metals LLC. Modified 4 Cylinders (12 Laps, 19 Cars): 1. 711-Dayton Hazlett [5]; 2. 830-Chris Myers [9]; 3. 48-Paul Koffler III [8]; 4. 47-Mike Pavlak [14]; 5. 307-Brandon Meyers [19]; 6. 3L-Steve Lakin [12]; 7. 39-Brian Noel [7]; 8. 33-Johnathan Haburcsak [17]; 9. 00-Bob Lawver [10]; 10. 707-Brian Spangler [13]; 11. 13-Jimmy Love [15] 12. 3S-Kenny Swink [3]; 13. (DNF) 513-Andrew Jones [11]; 14. (DNF) 22-John Landa [16]; 15. (DNF) 27-Joe Jacobs [6]; 16. (DNF) 89-Shawn Ghrist [4]; 17. (DNF) 51-Colton McNaney [2]; 18. (DNF) 26-Seth Nedrow [1]; 19. (DNS) 10-Brad Dickey [18] 20. (DNS) 2-Cory Jones [20]; 21. (DNS) 24-Tifani McEhose[24]  

DEAN POLLOCK HOBBY STOCKS (12 Laps, 6 Cars): 1. 30-Matt Underwood [1]; 2. 84-Scott Casto [6]; 3. 21-Justin Connors [5]; 4. 28-Jason Deter [4]; 5. 713-Joe Huffman [2]; 6. (DNF) 5-Bryce Hensell [3] 

SNB Promotions LLC. thanks our loyal fans, the race teams, our Emergency Response Safety Teams, our valued employees, and all who supported Fall Fest and Latrobe Speedway in 2023.

A special thank you to the great marketing partners that support Fast Five Grassroots Racing every Saturday night at Latrobe Speedway.

A-1 Machine & Performance
AMENT Landscape Supply
Bowman’s Inc. Plumbing and Remodeling
Bowers Farms 
Dean Pollock
Garry’s Auto Sales 
General Carbide
GVD Coating Inc.
Hillview Motorsports
Latrobe Billiards
Joe’s Body Shop & Towing
K2 Engineering 
Latrobe Glass & Mirror
Marilungo Disposal LLC.
RPM Racing Parts & Sales LLC.
Seal Tight Paving Maintenance
The Auto Tag Store Inc.
Tidal Wave Precision Touchless Carwash
Wisneski Waste Removal

Over the next few weeks, the management team will be holding discussions with sanctioning bodies along with other local tracks regarding our 2024 schedule. We must work together to promote short-track auto racing to benefit our fans and competitors.

We will announce our plans at a future date. Please check our website,, or the Latrobe Speedway Stock Car Dirt Track page on Facebook news and information.

Please join us for a Swap Meet from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.; a 20 x 20 space will be $20.00 on Saturday, October 21, and our Trunk or Treat on Sunday, October 22, from 2 to 5 p.m. In the event of rain, we will utilize Saturday, October 28.

Due to the forecasted high winds on Saturday, the Bowers Farms RaceSavers Sprint Cars were removed from the schedule, and we have extended the sale of the Beef Raffle tickets benefitting the Bowers Farms RaceSavers Sprint Point Fund until the Champions Banquet on November 18, 2023, at Huber Hall in Latrobe. Invitations will be going out in the next few weeks. The 2023 Bowers Farms RaceSaver Sprint Car Champion, Jim Morris, will draw three winners of the Beef Raffle before accepting his Championship Trophy.

Raffle tickets are $10 each.  

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