Rick Logan first repeat winners in the FASTRAK Crate Lap Models

Rick Logan first repeat winners in the FASTRAK Crate Lap Models

Under beautiful Skies, Latrobe Speedway got its eighth night of racing action in.  Winning the night features was Rich Logan in the FASTRAK Late Models, Nolan Dalton won the emod, EJ Rozak won the Chargers feature , Justin Williamson in the 4 Cylinders. 

Jeff Ferguson and Rich Logan brought the FASTRAK Late Models out for there feature event.  Jumping out to the early lead was Logan with Ferguson and Mike Cutburt and in tow.  Logan, who won the feature on opening night and in the emod back in the early the 2000 would lead until lap number eight when Ferguson would take the lead.  Then on lap number 10, Bill Kesslar went off the track in turn number 1 and 2 and under caution Fergusion would head to the pits to change a flat tire.  Logan would go on and lead the rest of the race in the Scott Barnhardt Electric, Bubba Speed Shot Longhorn Chassis.  Jeff Fergusion would finish second, Andrew Koenig was third, Point Leader was fourth and Mike Cutburt was fifth.  Rounding out the top 10 was Tanner Hauger in sixth, seventh was Bill Kesslar, Eric Smith was eighth, ninth was Marino Angellichio and tenth was DJ Nakutis and Robert Cossell was eleventh and Brandon Lott was twelveth.  Cutburt and Logan won the heat races. 

  Cody Quarick and Greg Hauger would lead the E mod field on the track. Hauger, the point leader would jump out to the early lead with Quarick and Nolan Dalton in tow.  One of the fastest cars on the track was seventh starter Nolan Dalton,  Dalton would take the lead the lead on lap number five.  Dalton driving the Bandit Race Car, DBRE, JD Shocks emod.  Derick Dusenbery was would work his way up to second.  Finishing third was Hauger, fourth was Bruce Drisdat  and Cody Quarick was fifth.  Bill Pluta was sixth and Joe Pluta was seventh.  Dalton won the heat race.  

Jeremy Zufall and Bill Finlay brought the Charger feature on to the track  At the drop of the green, Zufall and EJ Rozak would jumped out to the lead. On lap six, Rozak would go out to the lead the rest of the race.  One of the fastest cars on the track was ninth place starter Anthony Monteparte who would work up through the field and would finish second.  Rozak was driving the Joe’s Body Shop, K7 Hotshot Neraka Decals Chevrolet.  Monterparte would second and Brandon Doland in third, Ron Ramsey was fourth and fifth was Stephen Hazlett.  Sixth was John Hollis, Dakota Hixson was seventh, Jacob Weyer was eighth, Shawn McGinns was nineth and tenth was Jeremy Zufall.  Greg Taylor was eleventh, Stehle was twelveth and Findlay was thirteenth.

Phillip Bubeck and Larry Weltz brought the 4 cylinder feature onto the track. Jumping out to an early lead was Bubeck with sixth starter Justin Williamson and Larry Weltz in tow.  On lap three, Williamson would take the lead, and go on to win 20 lap feature.  But one of the fastest cars on the track was 11th place starter Jeremy Grubbs.  Williamson was driving his unsponsored Nissan. Weltz would finish second followed by Rozak Racing Hard Charger winner Jeremy Grubbs in third, Brian Noel was fourth and  Jeremy Hill was fifth.  Sixth was Jay Swager Jr,  Sam Bassinger was seventh, 33S was eighth, Jason Rittenour was ninth and David Needhaml was tenth.  Joe Huffmanl was eleventh, Bubeck was twelvth, 22 was thirteenth, David Friend was fourteenth, Larry Weltz was fifteenth, Chad Brandt was sixteenth, Chris Anderson was seventeenth and CJ Parrill was eighteenth. and Michael Phillipson did not start the feature.  Anderson and Hill won the heats.  .