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For Immediate Release

Braeden Dillinger wins on opening at Latrobe Speedway

 Winning the opening night features was Braeden Dillinger in the FASTRAK Late Models, Joe Kelley in the Pro Stocks, EJ Rozak in the Chargers, Matthew Weltz in the 4 Cylinders. 

Braeden Dillenger and Troy Shields brought the FASTRAK Late Models out for there feature event.  Dillenger would take advantage of starting on the pole , but he would have defending track champion Troy Shields and Andrew Koenig in tow.  They would run that way until lap 15 when Koenig car would break.  After that, Tony White would move into third place and they would finish that way.  Dillenger would take the win in the Jeff Dillinger owned, Custom Poly Bag, Newt York Bar sponsored Barry wright Icon.  Shields would finish second, White was third, Chuck Recker was  fourth and Koenig was fifth.  Rounding out the top 10 was Russell Baird Jr. in sixth, and seventh was Justin Ruff. Dillenger won the heat race. 


Nick Kocuba and Joe Kelley would lead the Pro Stock field on the track.  Kelley would jump out to the early lead with Kocuba and Ray Hickok Jr. in tow..  Kocuba would stay in second until lap five when Hickok Jr made the pass for second.   Kelley driving the 66 Auto Supply, Terrry Banks owned race car would go on and lead all 15 laps.  But, late in the race, Hickok pulled along side Kelly, but was not able to make the winning pass.  Hickok would settle for second, Jeff Broniszewski was third, Todd Weldone was fourth and rounding out top five was Tommy Dembowski.  Sixth was Brett Kocuba was seventh, eighth was Chris Wolfe, and ninth was Martin Spade.  Weldone won the heat race.


Anthony Monteparte and Stephen Hazlett and  brought the Charger feature on to the track  At the drop of the green, Monteparte jumped out to the lead with third starting EJ Rozak moving into second place.  Montepart and Rozak would battle for the until lap five when Montepart hit a car stopped on the track. Once the green came back out, Rozak would have a new challenger in the form of Chris Hickok.  Hickok would lead lap number eight and then would suffer a flat tire.  Rozak would go on for the win with John Hollis finishing second, Ron Ramsey was third, fourtgh was Jim Zufall and Hickok was fifth.  Sixth  was Bob Ramsey, Jacob Weyer was seventh, Shawn McGinnis was eighth, Scott Casto was ninth and Stephan Hazlett was tenth.  Rounding out the field was Dakota Hixson, Montepart, Kevin Kolishinsky, Bill Finley, Brandon Doland and Casey Grumling.  Heats where won by Rozak and Bradon Doland.


Larry Weltz and Jeremy Grubbs brought the 4 cylinder feature onto the track.  Third starting Matthew Weltz would take the lead all 12 laps of the feature.   Jeremy Grubbs would move into second, but on lap two, he would get a flat and have to pit.  The Weltz family would run first and second until lap seven when Grubbs would move back into second.  Grubbs was not able to get close to Matt Weltz and had to settle for second.  Third was Jeremy Grubbs, fourth was Brendan Hazlett and fifth was Larry Weltz.  Sixth was Brett Orris, seventh was Brad Dickey and eighth was Brian Noel.  Matt Weltz won the heat race.