Braeden Dillinger Takes Home The Checkers

Braeden Dillinger Takes Home The Checkers

Under Sunny Skies, Latrobe Speedway got its tenth night of racing action in.  Winning the night features was Braeden Dillinger in the FASTRAK Late Models, Nolan Dalton won the E mod, Jeff Broniszewski in the Pro Stocks, John Redshaw won the Pure Stock feature and Matt Weltz the four cylinders.

Clate Copeman and Andrew Koenig brought the FASTRAK Late Models out for there feature event.  Jumping out to the early lead was Koenig with Braeden Dillinger and Copeman and in tow.  On lap number three, Dillinger would power into the lead and on lap number four, bad luck would strike as Koenig would pit with a flat right rear tire.  Marino Angelicchio would race his way to second by lap number five and then on lap number nine, would blow a left rear tire.  At this point, eighth place starter, Brian Benton would be in second place.  He would try to pressure Dillinger, but Dillinger would go on and lead the rest of the race.  Dillinger driving the Custom Poly Bag, Hodge Transmission, Ingram Racing Engines, Newt York Bar Barry Wright ICON Chassis racecar.  Benton would finish second, Troy Shields was third and earn the 2019 FASTRAK Track Championship, Clate Copeman was fourth and Rob King was fifth.  Rounding out the field was Brandon Lott in sixth, seventh was Tanner Hauger, Andrew Koenig was eighth, and ninth was Marino Angelicchio and Rich Logaon was tenth.  Dillinger and Shields won the heat races.

Todd Weldon and Jeff Broniszewski brought the Pro Stock feature onto the track.  At the drop of the green,Broniszewski jumped into the lead with Weldon and Tommy Dembowski in tow.  Weldon would run second until lap number four when he washed up the track and faded back to fifth.  Dembowski would move into second, but Broniszewski would go on and win the feature. , Broniszewski driving the Taylor Auto Body, Tomei Towing Chevrolet would win his second feature in only his second start.  Weldon would finish second, Ray Hickok Jr was third, fourth was Dembowski, who would earn the 2019 track championship and Steve Mitchell would finish fifth.  Joe Kelly was sixxed, Barry Farris was seventh,  Brett Hutira was eighth and Brett McDonald was ninth.  Todd Weldon won the heat race.

Josh Ferry and Nolan Dalton would lead the E mod field on the track. Dalton, would jump out to the early lead with Ferry and Greg Hauger in tow.  Last week winner, Cody Quarrick was working his was up through the field and would be up into third when he would spinout and bring out the caution.  Once back under green, Dalton would  keep everyone behind him and would go on and win his third feature on the season.  Dalton was driving the D2 Lumber, DBRE, Bandit Chassis racecar.  Ferry would finish second, Quarrick was third, Greg Hauger was fourth and earned the 2019 Track Championship and Bruce Drisdat was fifth.  Joe Pluta was sixed.  Nolan Dalton also won the heat race. 

John Redshaw and Dakota Hixson brought the Charger feature on to the track  At the drop of the green, Redshaw and Hixson would jumped out to the lead. On of the fastest cars on the track was Brandon Doland.  Doland would work his way up to second on lap number six.  Another one of the fastest cars on the track was seventh place starter Anthony Monteparte who moved into third on lap number five. On lap number nine, Monteparte would take the lead.  But on a late race restart, Redshaw got the jump and went on to win the feature.  Redshaw driving the Penn Summit Insurance, Neraka Decals Chevrolet.  Monteparte would finish second and earn the 2019 track championship, Doland was third, Zufall was fourth and Dakota Hixson was fifth.  John Hollis was sixed, Stephen Hazlett was seventh, Jim Hixson was eighth, Shawn McGunis was ninth and Bud Kerns was tenth.  Jacob Weyer was eleventh and Jim Zufall was twelve.  Redshaw and Monteparte won the heat races. 

Jeremy Grubbs and Matt Weltz brought the four cylinders onto the track.  At the drop of the green, Weltz would jump out to lead.  There was a great battle for second that seen Grubbs battle with Chuck Watroba and Larry Weltz.  As the race went on, Watroba would get second.  At the finish, Matt Weltz would win his fifth feature of the season and secure the trach championship.  Watroba was second, Bill Fuchs was third, Grubbs was fourth and Dylan Burkett was fifth.  Bill Eckenrode was sixed, Brian Noel was seventh, Chad Brandt was eighth, Todd Davis was ninth and Larry Weltz was tenth.  Tiffani McElhose was eleventh, Justin Conners twelveth, Sam Basinger was thirteenth, David Needham was fourteenth and Jay Sager Jr was fifteenth.