4 New winners grace victory at Latrobe Speedway.

4 New winners grace victory at Latrobe Speedway.

Under beautiful sunny skies, Latrobe Speedway ran their second racing program of the season which featured an E-Mod special.  Winning the features was Braeden Dillinger in the FASTRAK Late Models, Evan Taylor in the Emods, Martin Spade in the Pro Stocks, Zackery Stehle in the Chargers and Matthew Weltz in the 4 Cylinders, 

Teammates Jacob Weyer and Stephen Hazlett brought the Pure Stock feature onto the track.  At the drop of the green, third starting Zachery Stehle would jumped out to the lead.  Despite some early cautions that would result in the race being called for a time limit, Stehle was credit with leading all the laps.  One of the fastest cars on the track was fifth starting, Josh Ferry, who would run a consistent race and earn a second place finish.  Stehle,driving the 66 Stanton Auto Parts #00 race car, would earn a career first win.  Ferry was second, John Hollis was third, fourth was Anthony Monteparte and fifth was Jim Zufall.  Rounding out the field was Stephan Hazlettl in sixth, Chad Hill was seventh, Jacob Weyer was eighth, John Redshawl was ninth and Gary Taylor was 10th, Chad Rohrbacher was eleventh and Dakota Hixson was twelveth.  Brad Nesline and CJ Parrill did not start the feature  Heats where won  Jacob Weyer and Zachery 

Russell Baird Jr and Brandon Lott brought the FASTRAK Late Models out for there feature event.  Before one lap was in the books, fourth starting Rich Logan jumped out to the lead with Lott in tow.  They would run this way, Logan would go on and lead all 20 laps.  But late in the race, seventh starting John Over would move into second spot and pressure Logan to the finish.  Logan would take the win in the Stacy Logan owned, Bubba Speed Shop, Scott Barnhart Electric sponsored Longhorn Chassis.  Over would finish second, Lott third, Baird fojurth and Tanner Hauger was fifth.  Rounding out the top 10 was Eric Smith in sixth, seventh was Mike Cuthbert, Vince Masi was eighth, ninth was DJ Nakutis and tenth was Marino Angelicihio.  Hauger and Angelichio won the heat races. 

Joe Pluta and Jamie Kohan brought the Emod field on the track for their special event.  But jumping out to the early lead was Kohan, but working his way up through the field was a heat race winner, Evan Taylor.  On lap number 3, Taylor was able to get around Kohan and take the lead.  Once Evan Taylor got to the lead, everyone was watching the battle for second between Jonathon Taylor, Kohan and Bill Pluta Jr.  Jonathon Taylor was able to gain second spot and close in on his brother Evan.  Once the Taylor bothers where able to battle for the lead, the fans where treated to an amazing race as they where side by side for the last 15 laps with Jonathon even taking the lead, but at the finish, Evan would earn the win at a trtack where his father and car owner Jeff, won many E Mod features in his career.  Taylor, driving the S&T Bank, BMS Chassis, Taylor Service Inc, car would earn his first career win at the track. Jonathon Taylor would settle for second followed by Bill Pluta Jr. in third, Kohan  would be fourth and Amber Mills would fifth.  Greg Hauger was sixth, Tyler Young was seventh, Bruce Dreistadt eighth, Joe Pluta was ninth.  Ed Vogel and Dale Westlake where did not start.  Jonathon and Evan Taylor won the heat races.

Troy Frazier and Andrew Koenig brought the FASTRAK Late Models out for there feature event.  Before one lap was in the books, third starting Braeden Dillinger jumped out to the lead with Frazier in tow.  Dillinger, making his first ever start at a track where his father, Jeff, won many of four cylinder races in the early 2000’s would go out to an 8 second lead, but a great three car battle for second place would take place between Frazier, Joel Prosser and Troy Shields and keep the fans entertained.  Frazier and Prosser who are short track aces would adapt well to the big track and battle all race long for second place.  Dillenger would take the win in the Jeff Dillenger owned, CP Custom Poly Bag, Bobby Lake Motorsports sponsored Barry Wright ICON Chassis.  Frazier would finish second, Prosser third, Shields fourth and Bob Nelson was fifth.  Rounding out the top 10 was Russell Baird Jr. in sixth, seventh was Koenig, Eric Smith was eighth, ninth was DJ Nakutis and tenth was Rich Logan.  Competing the field was Marino Angelichio Tanner Hauger. Prosser and Dillenger won the heat races. 

Ray Hickcock Jr. and Martin Spade would lead the Pro Stock field on the track.  Hickcock Jr. would lead the first 10 laps, but on lap second starting Spade would take the lead on lap 10 after he and Hickcock Jr made contact and Hickcock Jr. would crash out battling for the lead.  When the green flag was displayed, former track champion Tommy Dembowski would pressure Spade for the win, But Spade was able to earn a career first at the track.  Dembowski was second with crate motor driver Brett McDonald earning third.  Fourth was Hickcock Jr and fifth was AJ Poljak. Hickok Jr. won the  heat race.

David Friend and James Prenni brought the 4 cylinder feature onto the track.  Friend would lead the first three laps of the feature, but Weltz was moving on up.   Fourth starting Matthew Weltz would take the lead on lap #4 and lead the rest of the race.  Friend could get close, but was unable to make a pass.  Weltz, driving the Weltz family racing Dodge would go on and win second race in a row.  Friend would finish second, Ed Leonard was third, Paul Koefler III was fourth, Justibn McDowell was fifth.  Sixth was Jeremy Grubbs. seventh was Dustin Detrick, eight was Jay Swager Jr, Chad Brandtl and Tenth was Sam Bassinger.  Round out the field was David Needham, Ben Lehane, Brian Noel, James Prenni, Larry Weltz, Dylan Burkett, Todd Detrick and Brandon O’Nell.  

 One of the fastest cars on the track 12th starting Dylan Burkett who would end up second.  Third was Todd Detrick, fourth was Noel, fifth was Jeremy Grubs.  Rounding out the top 10 was Dave Gacka in sixth, Justin Clark was seventh, Basinger was eighth, Devon Iser was ninth and Dave Smails was 10th.